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Qualified medical experts for medical malpractice cases.Medical Malpractice

In Medical Malpractice cases, our fees reflect the reality that qualified medical experts who are willing to testify against their peers are difficult to find. Further, a balance must be struck between an attorney’s “wish-list” of desired characteristics and qualifications versus the time we expend to satisfy what may prove to be “picky” or unrealistic expectations. In all cases we use our expertise and judgment as attorneys to select qualified medical experts that are practicing, Licensed, Board Certified, and in good standing.

In the final analysis, we are always successful in providing a highly satisfactory and competent expert. With this in mind, Medical Malpractice terms are as follows:

  1. Before any work is done you can speak directly with one of the attorneys here to discus the issues and complexities of your case, and the appropriate specialties.
  2. Before any medical malpractice experts are provided, a one-time fee of $500 is tendered to JurisSolutions, Inc. This should be accompanied by the facts and circumstances of your case, and any records or info necessary to select an expert. We accept payment by check, or immediately by credit card. Contact us
  3. Sometimes within hours, usually by the following day, you will be provided with two qualified, interested physicians that match your criteria and the issues of the case.
  4. At this point, you can contact your medical malpractice experts to verify our selection. If you feel the medical experts we have chosen are somehow not appropriate and want to see more CVs, we will forward a total of 3-5 CVs in consideration for your original $500 fee. At our discretion, we may provide more in rare circumstances, or for long standing clients.
  5. Once you are in direct contact with the medical malpractice expert of your choice, you can begin arranging for reviews for merit, setting up trial preparation meetings, or arranging depositions and/or testimony.
  6. In the unlikely event that you have received up to 5 medical malpractice experts’ CVs and you are still not satisfied, we will refund all but $150 of your original fee. This nominal amount goes to offset the time and expense of having had an attorney conduct an extensive search, sometimes over the course of days or even weeks, on your behalf.

We feel this is the fairest pricing in this industry, and the most competitive.

If you need an expert, and your case does not involve Medical Malpractice issues, please click here for information on experts in general.

If you are a qualified physician who would like to know more about medical expert consulting, click here to see what we can do for you.

To receive consideration for future medical malpractice referrals, please contact us to find out about submitting your CV and our credentialing process.


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