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Testing is the Key to Safely Re-opening

Testing is the Key to Safely Re-opening

"We need businesses to do that analysis... to think about how they're going to re-open... what precautions... what safeguards."

"Antibody testing is important because it tells you the people who were infected... and now resolved, because they have the anitibodies."

- Governor Cuomo

Fit for Duty Testing

Every employer now faces the prospect of returning an employee who might cause others at work to become sick. While this risk can't be eliminated, protect yourself, your company, and demonstrate your efforts to comply with Federal and State recommendations to protect your workers by having each of them screened for the virus and its antibodies.

COVID-19 testing, Coronavirus testing NYC, NYS, NY.

Without this type of SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus ANTIBODY TESTING, you don't know if your current essential, or your future returning employees have had, or are susceptible to contracting, or spreading COVID-19 throughout your workplace.

COVID-19 testing, Coronavirus testing NYC, NYS, NY.

Juris has been helping businesses return workers after disability or injury for over 20 years. Our programs are already ensuring essential businesses, and those employers who will soon transition back thousands of NY workers, have them safely screened. Everyone needs to do their part and we can help. We will expedite the safe continuance of essential workers and the return of the rest of your workforce that is vital to our public health and getting our economy back up and running. Our expert services in this arena are here for you to help navigate through this unchartered territory with testing, the right experts and qualified labs.

We utilize a variety of protocols depending on your specific needs. We can leverage our relationships with various labs and testing equipment manufactuers to offer a comprehensive series of options you can choose from tailored to your business.

For instance, we can offer the first FDA-approved saliva test, which is 98.99% effective for sensitivity and 100% effective for specificity. This easy, non-invasive, and highly accurate test reliably shows whether a current essential employee, or a potential returning employee, is carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Corona-19. This test can be self-administered prior to returning to the workplace or done in conjuction with antibody blood testing as part of one of our Return-to-Work packages below. The information collected will assist in making prudent decisions for everyone to get back to work.

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Let us help you get back up and running quickly and safely. You need a plan to manage the risk and ensure your business doesn't experience a workforce disaster. From interviews, to temperature screenings to various virus tests and antibody blood tests, we will work with you to develop a plan to have all of your employees safely screened before returning and possibly being a risk to themselves, you, and the rest of your critical workforce.

Sample Packages

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COVID-19 testing, Coronavirus testing NYC, NYS, NY.